Database Explorations

C. J. Date & Hugh Darwen

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


A note from the authors: Dear Reader: "Database is boring." That sentiment is heard all too widely these days. But it's so wrong! The database field is full of important problems still to be solved and interesting issues still to be examined - and some of those problems and issues are explored in this book. Between us, we have nearly 80 years experience in this field, and we're still actively researching, exploring, and learning, as well as helping others do the same. The present book is the latest in a series devoted to these goals; using "The Third Manifesto" (a detailed proposal for the future of database technology) as a foundation, it reports on some of our most recent investigations in this field. Among many other things, it includes the most recent version of "The Third Manifesto" itself; specifications for a conforming language called Tutorial D; and a detailed proposal for a model of type inheritance. Other significant features include: - Extending the foreign key concept - Simplifying queries using image relations - Closer looks at logic and relational algebra - Suggested approaches to "missing information" - Responses to certain "Manifesto" criticisms - Clarifying aspects of normalization The tone of the book overall is naturally somewhat serious, but there are moments of light relief as well. We hope you enjoy it. C.J. Date and Hugh Darwen