Cloud Native Infrastructure with Azure

Nishant Singh & Michael Kehoe

Language: English

Published: Feb 9, 2022


The cloud is becoming the de facto home for companies ranging from enterprises to startups. Moving to the cloud means moving your applications from monolith to microservices. But once you do, running and maintaining these services brings its own level of complexity. The answer? Modularity, deployability, observability, and self-healing capacity through cloud native development. With this practical book, Nishant Singh and Michael Kehoe show you how to build a true cloud native infrastructure using Microsoft Azure or another cloud computing solution by following guidelines from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). DevOps and site reliability engineers will learn how adapting applications to cloud native early in the design phase helps you fully utilize the elasticity and distributed nature of the cloud. This book helps you explore: Why go cloud native? How to use infrastructure as code What it takes to containerize an application Why and how Kubernetes is the "grand orchestrator" How to create a Kubernetes cluster on Azure How observability complements monitoring How to use service discovery and a service mesh to find new territories How networking and policy management serve as gatekeepers How distributed databases and storage work