Jesus, the Suffering Servant of Mark and Isaiah : a role model for Christian discipleship in the Namibian Church

Gordon, Misseline V.

Book 4 of Namibian Theological Research Papers;

Language: English

Publisher: GRINN


While some scholars reject the notion that the evangelist Mark portrays Jesus as the Suffering Servant of Isaiah, Misseline Gordon, who lectures at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary, holds that this is exactly what he does. Having convincingly argued her case, she demonstrates that the concept of the Suffering Servant provides a helpful model for both Christian discipleship and leadership. If Christian discipleship means following Jesus and the goal of leadership is to help Christians to do so, disciples of Jesus will need to embrace the biblical message that sacrifice, suffering and service to others constitute essential elements of the Christian life. In a country like Namibia, such an understanding challenges not only cultural conventions and theological views but also church practices and leadership patterns.